Important Advantages and Characterstics of Medisocks for the Therapeutic Support of Diabetes, Blood Circulation, Rynauds Symdrome and Foot Blisters

These unique socks were developed in consultation with diabetic patients in order to provide maximum comfort. The combination of mohair, bamboo and merino wool fibres in Medisocks has also created a unique natural therapeutic aid for people suffering from poor circulation, Rynauds Syndrome and foot blisters

Blister resistant

The Mohair fiber used in Medisocks is silkier than cotton due its smooth cuticle structure. This results in a smooth surface which significantly reduces the possibility of chafing and blisters.

Graduated Compression Leg

Unlike many socks there is no elastic bite at the top of a Medisock. Instead, the natural elasticity of the mohair fiber provides graduated compressionover the foot and calf.

Flat Toe Seam

Due to the low profile flat seam across the toe area, no chafing is likely to occur.

Moisture Management

The capillary nature of the mohair fiber enables it to absorb perspiration quickly, and then wick this moisture away from the foot, keeping the foot dry, comfortable and fresh.

Natural elasticity

Mohair fibers are very elastic and can stretch up to 30% of their normal length and then return to their original size. They fit snugly to the foot contour without feeling tight.

Anti-bacterial and Odor resistant

The combination of kid mohair and bamboo kun in Medisocks provides a natural defense against microbes, odor, or allergies.

Thermally Balanced with a Light Feel

Because Medisocks are made from natural fibers, they have the ability to keep the foot cool and comfortable in hot temperatures and warm and snug in cold conditions.